The Venus in Me (and You)

A blood-orange sun sets over a snowy field. All moisture is frozen out of the air, the sky is clear as blown glass. Distant branches and twigs stand out like filigree. Our eyes rest now. The dazzling glare of stark sunlight on bone white snow is abating. Shadows form. Sharp lines and edges appear. Subtly, grays and blacks begin to dominate the landscape.

The brilliant blue floodlight of the sky takes on depth. Cobalt fades to azure, azure to indigo and violets of incipient night. Suddenly, there it is, in the blue aurora of the earth fallen sun, gleams a diamond. Luminous. Resplendent. Soon it will be radiant enough to cast faint shadows. Worshipped for millenia, it is the Evening Star, and still she takes our breath away.

If you find yourself touched by the poetry of these words, you are touching the part of you that Astrologers call Venus.

My star sign (Taurus) and my rising sign (Libra) are both ruled by Venus.

Seemed strange to me at first, until I understood who Venus truly is and how she wants to teach me to become more aesthetically creative, seek beauty both in myself and in others, and practice empathy. She is the Goddess of beauty, balance and harmony. Her gifts are serenity, peace of mind, compassion, closeness. Mastery of Venus brings forth the restoration of equilibrium to the shattered sensitivity, the stabilisation of a network of supportive emotional bonds, and the development of the capacity to make an aesthetic response.

I can see now, how my life changes when I seek out nature in all it’s glory, when I see true beauty in things and people, and feel in my heart the joys of sound, light, touch and smell. I am lighter, positive, braver and up for adventure. Strangely, it’s damn hard work. I am also aware of how I think and feel when I fail to sense the beauty around me. Although sometimes I am more comfortable with this – for a short while. I think generally we like to complain and find the ugly, because it helps us validate our pain and suffering. It confirms that we are not worth hanging out with, that beauty, love and compassion would never find us compatible anyway so we can sit in our depressed states and wallow.

The truth is, if everything is beautiful, there cannot be any suffering. What to do then? What are we to talk about, internalize and worry about? Ego loves unhappiness, complaining and criticising. It attaches itself to our pain, our stories and our inability to see what’s really there. Ego screams at Venus when she shines from the Heavens onto our lives. She brings to us the realisation that we are beings in need of balance and harmony. That the more we seek truth and align ourselves with reality, the truly happier we are. Did I mention Venus’ quest for us is hard work?

We cannot experience life in all it’s magnificence
because we do not put in sufficient effort to know it and love it
– Behram Ghista

Sufficient effort. Hmmm. Know and Love. Go beyond our thinking, logic, fears and doubts. Rewrite our programming, change our natural state of thinking negative thoughts, producing negative actions, resulting in unhappy existences. How about random acts of kindness – to ourselves. Focus on the things you already like about yourself and others. Stop criticising yourself, repeating your sad stories, write new stories and include love and kindness, compassion and positivity. Baby steps. Walks, flowers, laughter, create something, breathe, love.

Take time to get to know yourself, listen beyond your ego, understand your true nature, be silent, non-resistant, relish calmness and peace. This is where Venus lies in your soul. She calls you to truth about who you are as a compassionate, beautiful being. Creative, luminescent and shining across the Heavens reflecting love and beauty back to all who see Her.


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