Kristian Anderson, husband, father, cancer survivor….

Kristian died this morning in Manly, Sydney after more than two years fighting cancer. Throughout his journey he shared the ups and down with the world. Open, humorous, even celebrity at times mixing it up with Oprah and Hugh Jackman.

Beautiful wife, two little kids. He never gave up, positive, honest, hopeful, full of faith, love and giving. That is why I call him a survivor. He may have left this world in the flesh, but that which lived within, lives on. His magnificent spirit.

Kristian removed so many illusions through his sharing. Light, darkness, fire, water, joy, suffering, love, fear. Things we all face, everyday.

Take a peak at his blog, you will learn to love more, live more adventurously, fear less, find peace. Rest In Peace Kristian. You were a man among men, and your humble and incredible spirit lives on.

Kristian’s Blog – “How The Light Gets In”

One comment on “Kristian

  1. Graeme says:

    A great tribute to a very inspirational person.

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