The only Resolution !

I don’t think I have ever made a New Year’s Resolution. A year is a long time, and I think that is one reason people like to say they are going to make, or break, a habit. There is a long time to achieve, and therefore a long time to procrastinate as well. It’s never really over, till you are able to make a new one at midnight, 31 December. Then of course, THIS year, will be THE year!

Besides I am no good at making long term goals. 5 year plans. Every year I get a diary and lose it by March. Timeline goals are not my thing. I have too many adventures that get in the way, change my course, alter my destiny. Some are easily diagnosed as “good”, some are harder to label at first.

Today I have been thinking that there is only one resolution that is worth making. But daily, hourly, every minute in fact. And it may seem selfish and perhaps boring, but it is the foundation for all those other things we’d like to do better, say more often, not say at all, start and finish, in 2012.

Love yourself.

Be kind, patient, nurturing, respectful, disciplined, compassionate, humourous, generous … to yourself.

You will then be all those things to others, animals, humans, nature. Peace is the only result. True health, happiness and contentment are not possible when we are unable to love ourselves. From this state we achieve all our resolutions, because they stem from our hearts, our true desires, our real selves. When we are in harmony with our heart, our resolutions are based on heart truth.

We then stop smoking, not because we are afraid of cancer, we stop because we love ourselves too much. We exercise out of respect and love for our bodies, not to lose weight. Through self love, we choose our food more wisely. As we love ourselves, we love every animal, and cannot take part in their harm. Vices are impossible, just as darkness cannot exist in the light, our vices cannot exist when we love ourselves. They have nothing to grasp, nothing to use to fool us.

So as we start the New Year, think more that you are starting a new day. The year is the future, rather intangible, easily put off, later. Today is now, within reach, immediately life changing. Unavoidable. People say “there is always tomorrow”, particularly to try and resolve a negative situation or result. But there is never tomorrow. Another saying “tomorrow never comes”. There is only today. Love yourself more today and start the year day by day. For that is what it actually is. A series of present moments in which we have enormous opportunities.

One comment on “The only Resolution !

  1. Graeme says:

    Wow, thanks for this post. It’s a great reminder. I definitely sometimes get to focused on the future, when really today (and this moment) is all we really have. I’m going to hug myself more this year and catch myself doing things right.

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