Icebergs and Whales

I have just finished reading Tim Severin’s “The Brendan Voyage” which is a true story of the 1976 re-creation of a medieval voyage across the North Atlantic around 500AD.

In a leather boat ….

One Abbot – St Brendan, 14 monks, and a leather boat. From Ireland via Iceland to the US coast – in a leather boat!

Tim had the idea that the original medieval text was too detailed to be allegorical or a case of “last night I had a dream”. He was so convinced he decided to recreate the exact vessel according to the original design and materials, and indeed, sailed from Ireland, via Iceland to Newfoundland – in a leather boat. Ok enough of the leather. It is an exciting book, particularly when they demystify St Brendan’s recollections of sea monsters and men throwing fire from ashore.

My point is this. When things are built exactly right, for the environment they were meant for, they work, they thrive in challenging environments.

Exceedingly well.

Recently I have been looking into “The Healing Codes – Unlocking the Cellular Sequences of Life” by Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson. The premise for this healing technique, indeed lifestyle, is based on a mixture of quantum physics and meditative re-alignment of what we believe is the truth; now, in the past, about everything; and what actually is the truth, now, in the past, about everything.

Simply put – the optimum human body has the ability to heal itself; wrong beliefs cause stress – stress interrupts our body’s own energy flow – we get sick and can’t operate as we were meant to.

There are seven secrets that briefly explain “The Healing Codes”

1 – Stress causes most illness and disease – stress is the source
a) according to the Centre for Disease Control, 95% of all physical and non-physical illnesses have stress as their source

2 – E = mc2 – Every problem is an energy problem, our body’s energy frequencies are interrupted by destructive cellular memories (destructive energy frequencies)

3 – Cellular Memories are all our memories stored in our cells – good, bad, loving and destructive. Destructive ones cause destructive energy frequencies and interfere with health
a) scientists now believe that memories are stored in cells. Transplant patients experience the memories of the donator, and even removal or large parts of the brain does not reduce memories
a) at the heart of negative cellular memories are wrong beliefs, and these initiate stress responses and wrong conclusions

4 – All of these memories are stored as images, and 90% are unconscious (we don’t recall them, but they affect us postively or negatively)

5 – Our minds protect the traumatic memories from being recalled and healed, in order to prevent them happening again
a) the Healing Codes unlock the negative power of those memories so they can heal
b) the memories remain, their destructive frequency disappears

6 – Our current beliefs are formed from unconscious stimulus-responses (negative reactions to past images) and we are acting from these if:
a) our feelings do not match our current circumstances
b) our thoughts do not match our current circumstances
c) our behaviours do not match what we really want to be doing

7 – The heart always wins
a) who you really are, is who you are in your heart
b) what you really believe, is what you believe in your heart
c) you are where you are, based on what’s in your heart
d) you do what you do, based on what’s in your heart
e) the heart is programmed to protect you
f) your priorities are determined by what’s in your heart

The goal of The Healing Codes is to heal our hearts, so there is no conflict between memory and truth, between actions and beliefs, between heart and mind.
Our natural energy is free to flow unhindered, to protect us from true harm and keep us healthy and strong.

I have found this process to be amazing, and it does work. I have been tackling life long issues and found peace where there has been none. The tools and science behind The Healing Codes is both logical and proven repeatedly in the changes in people’s lives, the healing in their hearts, the increase in health and well being.

The title of this blog is Icebergs and Whales. Both exist with most of their mass hidden below, where the eye cannot see, and the mind can only guess what is truly there. What’s below can destroy an unsuspecting vessel or fisherman. Present unfounded fears to us in our ignorance and wrong beliefs. That which we cannot see clearly, we cannot face, confront, understand or heal. It’s a scary process, but to live with free flowing energy, an uninhibited immune system, a healthy mind that knows truth in everything, is surely worth a look beneath the waves.

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