There is always a morning

A response to my amazing and beautiful friend whose blog can be found here
sharing the cancer journey

The most difficult paths have unforgettable views of love, the highest peaks of emotion, unique waterfalls of grace, and the most amazing adventures of all kinds along the way. They teach us wisdom through suffering, so we may have wisdom when we are not suffering.

Through this we can truly know peace as a friend who calls to us through the long nights, and takes our hand in the dark, and leads us to the light of the sun in the morning. There is always a morning, may you continue to feel the sun on your face, even whilst it is still dark.

One comment on “There is always a morning

  1. Kerrie Butler says:

    This post was just beautiul, the words touched my heart and left me with goose bumps.
    Thank you so much for the gift of this sharing.
    Sending love Kerrie

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