What lies beneath…

I love this picture. To find that the world secretly rests on whales, or turtles, or some such amazing creature would be wonderful. However the image also speaks to me of ignorance of another kind, and not so wonderful. Far more serious is the fact that many of the things we consider urgent, are meaningless, the right questions we don’t ask, are imperative, the true wisdom we do not seek, is essential, and the way in which we don’t see what is just below the surface, is killing us. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Descartes’ famous quote, “I think, therefore I am” was rephrased for me today by Thich Nhat Hanh as “I think, therefore I am not here”, meaning ‘not present’.

So if I think, and am not here – where am I? I have to be either in the past, or the future… Trapped by past hurts and sorrows, or distracted by future fears and negative imaginations. Either way, I am missing the present. I am missing my life.

Today I went walking, as I do nearly everyday, looking for new ways to walk in the present and I decided to put my hand on every tree I passed. Noting the feel, texture, strength and wisdom. The soul and beauty of these very present living beings was in those touches. It was empowering and solidifying. Today’s walk was my most majestic yet. I found complete oneness with nature, and it’s acceptance of life, without fear or wanting. Nature just is, and it exists in complete alignment with it’s purpose.

This blog is the journal of a continuing journey. One which is consistently aware that the present is truly ‘home’; that the now breaks free from the past; and the future doesn’t really exist, and never will. That every morning, and every moment, of every day, I have a choice. To wake up to what’s just beneath the surface. To have the courage to dig beneath the superficial, the mundane, the average and the ignorant. To find the rest of me, to wash off the past, and gently call my whole being home. A rescue mission, an adventure, crazy.


2 comments on “What lies beneath…

  1. Graeme says:

    Searching with your mind is like swimming on the surface – swim the whole ocean and you will find nothing. Sink rather to the place of stillness within. From there the inner presence nourishes you with living waters. From there your prayers carry much power.  From there the voice speaks to you sweetly.  Helps you in my day-to- day affairs.  Tells you truths long forgotten by your race.   John Kehoe

  2. George CIA Ilkowiec says:

    Dolphins create harmony in the water. Mans job to do the same on land.

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